Appointment Accelerator

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Our new strategy helps established practices get 40-500 new sales appointments without paid advertising. You’ll even get a no risk, 2-week free trial.

What we do for you

We help business owners get more patients/clients without any ad spend.

Dr. Kirk Childers Added $374,364 Into His Sales Pipeline WITHOUT Ad Spend!

4 Pillars of the Appointment Accelerator

Pillar 1

Activation Accelerator, bring your inactive clients back to life then nurture them until they book an appointment.

Monetize your old database.

Pillar 2

Response Accelerator, create unified communication, respond to client inquiries with 2 minutes, 24/7, 365.

Improve your speed to lead.

Pillar 3

Review Accelerator, systemically rocket the number of Google reviews, while boosting your SEO rankings organically.

Create more social proof.

Pillar 4

Lead Accelerator, attract more of your ideal clients with optimized ad campaigns on your preferred social platform.

Create a fresh lead flow.

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