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Our new strategy helps established businesses get 40-500 new sales opportunities in 90 days without paid advertising. 

What we do for you

We help established businesses get 40-500 new sales opportunities in 90 days without paid advertising.

Database reactivation refers to the process of reaching out to and re-engaging with former customers, clients, or contacts who have been dormant for some time. For established small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), database reactivation can offer several advantages:

Higher ROI on Marketing Efforts: Acquiring new customers can be more expensive than retaining or reactivating old ones. Database reactivation allows businesses to target individuals who are already familiar with the brand, products, or services, reducing the cost of conversion.

Improved Sales and Revenue: Re-engaged customers may make repeat purchases or upgrade to newer products or services. Since they’ve previously made a purchase, they might be more willing to do so again.

Optimized Customer Data: The reactivation process often involves cleaning and updating the database. This ensures the business has accurate and up-to-date information, improving the efficiency of future marketing campaigns.

Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities: Former customers might be unaware of new products or services introduced after their last interaction. Reactivation campaigns can introduce them to these new offerings, leading to cross-selling or upselling opportunities.

If your business has a large number of inactive customers, you are sitting on a goldmine. We’re here to help you cash it in.

“DR. KIRK CHILDERS? Yeah, He Packed a Whopping $374,364 into His Sales Pipeline – and Here’s the Kicker: Not a Single Penny on Ads!”

“In the Blazing 105℉ Heat, His Business Was Gasping for Air – But Then, Boom! 304 Sales Appointments Poured In, and Guess What? Zero Bucks on Ads!”

“she Transformed her Business: From Single digit Appointments to a Bursting Calendar, All Using Inactive Clients!”

3 Pillars of the Appointment Accelerator

Pillar 1

Reactivation Accelerator, using text messaging, we reach out to and re-engage with inactive customers and contacts. 

Monetize your old database.

Pillar 2

Upsell Accelerator, reach out to your existing clients with exclusive offers only for active clients to enhance ROI per client.
Increase Client Lifetime Value.

Pillar 3

Review Accelerator, systemically rocket the number of Google reviews while boosting your SEO rankings.

Create more social proof.

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What is it?

Appointment Accelerator System is a Done-With-You service. It is the best reactivation and lead nurturing system available today. Our two-way text communication focus is simple: book appointments.

Who is it for?

Appointment Accelerator System is for established businesses that want to grow a profitable business and jump to the front of their competition.

How does it work?

Once you get started, you’ll have an onboarding session, get your business approved, and then we’ll discuss your list and offer. Once these are nailed, your campaigns can start within 24 hours.

When does it begin to work?

The moment you enroll, you’re going to get an email from us, which is going to start you down the path designed to help you gain a positive ROI. Once your campaign is active, you can expect to see appointment bookings in 7 days or less.

Does Appointment Accelerator come with support?

Yes. The Appointment Accelerator has 30 days of unlimited email support and live calls.

Can this integrate with my clients existing ad campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, etc?

Yes! We can connect our proven Lead Nurturing sequences to the back of whatever kind of paid advertising you’re already providing clients. In our experience, this reliably increases the effectiveness of the ads 2-10x!

How does the scheduling work for niches like Medical with dynamic appointment calendars?

Any calendar that can sync to a Google calendar is already handled. However, if you do not have a calendar that can sync with a Google calendar, there are still a few ways to address this. The simplest we recommend is establishing a window of availability that’s blocked out of their schedule to be filled exclusively by your appointments as a part of the client onboarding process.

What niches does this work for?

Any business that can benefit from prospects walking through their doors, home visits, or virtual/zoom visits can benefit from Appointment Accelerator.

Here’s a list of niches this model has been proven to work in:

  • Auto Dealer
  • Auto Insurance
  • Barre Studio
  • Chiropractic
  • Counseling / Therapy / Psych Practice
  • Co-working Space
  • CrossFit
  • Cryotherapy
  • Dentistry
  • Divorce Attorney
  • Escape Room
  • Financial Services
  • Float Spa
  • Golf/Country Club
  • Hair Salon
  • Home Insurance
  • Home Movers
  • House Cleaning
  • HVAC
  • Insurance
  • Jewelry
  • Kickboxing
  • Landscaping
  • Lasik
  • Life Insurance
  • Martial Arts
  • Massage Spa
  • Mechanic
  • Med Spa
  • Mortgage
  • Nail Salon
  • OsteoStrong
  • Personal Injury
  • Personal Training
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Roofing
  • Spin
  • Solar
  • Tax Accountant
  • Tutoring / Supplemental Education
  • Wellness Center
  • Yoga
  • 24hr Access Gym
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